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      Unlock iphone passcode iOS 11.3.1   06/19/2018

      This is the same speed as GrayKey when targeting an IOS device from first boot, versus an already booted devices with cached keys. They must have an exploit / side channel or other means to get 300,000c/s.   More : https://myicloud.info/unlock-iphone-passcode-ios1131/
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      ICLOUD Activation LOCK 2018   09/22/2018

      How to remove icloud on activated iOS 11 – iOS 11.3 only (backup method) https://myicloud.info/remove-icloud-activated-ios11-3-backup-method/   #icloudbypass #ios11 #iphone #ios12 #unlockicloud
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      icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update)   10/05/2018

      icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update) bypass activation lock iOS12 https://myicloud.info/icloud-bypass-ios-12-update/  


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  1. iCloud bypass software

    Hi, There isn't any free solution for iPad, only for iPhone 4 devices (to my knowledge). There is one guy on twitter (@CrokoM) that keeps telling he has a solution and he will release an unlock server, I don't know if free or not. It was supposed to be released yesterday but he had some problems with blocked ports. I hope maybe today it will be released.
  2. iCloud bypass software

    Hi, Has anyone tried the Open my icloud software? http://idevicetool.eu/unlock-icloud-tool/ I've e-maild them and the license for one unlock is 70$ but i don't know if it is a scam. Thanks, Lucian
  3. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    Hi!. Just a thought regarding this video. I have tried many solutions and 3 or 4 of them lead to this point at which the iphone is accessible in iTunes but when you try and restore or install something it gives some error. So I don't think this is a permanent unlock, only an itunes half bypass. Have a nice day!