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      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4   04/01/2018

      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4 Download iOS 11.4 Beta1 developers version https://idevicehacks.com/download-ios-11-4-beta1-for-developers/
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      Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management)   04/01/2018

        Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management) still works on ios11.3 its the best MDM remover because its FREE Link: https://myicloud.info/new-ios11-bug-mdm-bypass-mobile-device-management/ #mdm #apple #ios113 #iphone #ipad #ipod #ios11 #bypass #icloud #freetools #ios11bug
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      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done:   04/12/2018

      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done: a video you must watch https://myicloud.info/reflash-iphone-chip-project-wl/   #icloud #icloudbypass #unlock #iphone


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  1. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    Does anyone have a bypass for a iPad air2 that they could post for me ... Thanks in advance
  2. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    It's not in clean mode its says it need to be activated. I checked the serial on it and it's clean. Its just that activation lock. Apple is not trying to stop people from stealing them they are doing it to keep people from reselling to other people. When I called apple about this iPad first they say I had to have a receipt, then they said I had to have the original receipt. I told them I bought it from a reseller and that was my original receipt. Then they said that even thought it was not stolen I didn't buy it from a AUTHORIZED reseller so I had a paperweight and they would not help me. Now I understand why some of the Big Box stores are having a no return policy with them or just stop selling them.
  3. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    No nothing like that I bought it from ebay, The guy who I got it from buy them bulk from staples and office repo the returns. All I got is j*****@icloud. If I had the email I could have contacted them about it. I really had no ideal what I was getting myself into..But I have met some nice people since then.
  4. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    Wow looks like I found the right site. Do you think you could help me with a iPad air 2 wifi. I restored it like a newbie that I am. and now I'm stuck at the activation screen at 9.2 . Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me with this.
  5. I got a iPad air 2 activation locked. It was restored by someone who hadn't read enough (Me) now its stuck on that activation screen. I'm here to learn and maybe i'll be able to help somebody in the future when I learn enough, but for now I'm looking for help. I understand that doulci is a fake? It seemed to have the right ideal using a man-the-middle attack with the server's having the right cert's. For some reason I could never get the script to run on my server (OS X ) was gonna try on a windows machine but then I read it was a fake. Any help would be greatly appreciated .