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      Unlock iphone passcode iOS 11.3.1   06/19/2018

      This is the same speed as GrayKey when targeting an IOS device from first boot, versus an already booted devices with cached keys. They must have an exploit / side channel or other means to get 300,000c/s.   More : https://myicloud.info/unlock-iphone-passcode-ios1131/
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      ICLOUD Activation LOCK 2018   09/22/2018

      How to remove icloud on activated iOS 11 – iOS 11.3 only (backup method) https://myicloud.info/remove-icloud-activated-ios11-3-backup-method/   #icloudbypass #ios11 #iphone #ios12 #unlockicloud
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      icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update)   10/05/2018

      icloud bypass iOS 12 (Update) bypass activation lock iOS12 https://myicloud.info/icloud-bypass-ios-12-update/  


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  1. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    No!! like is written iCloud Remove from iPad GSM!!!! not WIFI ! but i told you already two times in Private message now after 1 month there is still nothing change because a GSM iPad Version is not WiFi iPad Version
  2. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    Ok! if install something or restore -get Error! My question now is: Is "Find my Phone" OFF or still ON in time the Error come by restore or install? In 1 way i good understand the error Because: the iPhone think that he got unlocked, but on the iCloud Server the IMEI ist still registered by original owner. so if the phone go connect to Apple for Restore or Install apps, the error ist that the IMEI is still on them Database as locked. Normal need a bypass that send the information to apple that owner turned of "find my Phone " inside the iDevice or just give the possibility to turn off find my Phone on iDevice after baypass this way!
  3. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    Here: http://pasha4ur.org....g-icloud-locked
  4. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    Because of so much scammers in the web , youtube videos with links , Dokuments ore Programms for download.. you newer know what will be if you open a link, Programm or ZIP/RAR-Dokument! so here is a smart link to a website that detecting Bad thinks from the web : www.virustotal.com I hope thats help those people that day by day testing all new videos on youtube with the fake links to virus or Download Virus I installed on my Windows machine 3 times new Windows within 2 month. Here now can Protect before Download ore open a bad link!
  5. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina with 3G NOTE!! : its just for CELLULAR Versions ONLY !!!!!! Hardware Solution !! After Bypass you got a running iPad X WiFi only - Cellular Verion will be OFF http://pasha4ur.org.ua/articles/difdevices/131-how-unlock-apple-ipad-2-3g-icloud-locked
  6. Icloud bypass Tutorials

    Hey Guys, how much should maximum pay for a GSX Account with all options! Somebody know a trustful seller? Can also Rent account like this ? Somebody got some informations? ... will nice to hear from you!
  7. iCloud Bypass with Jailbreak

    @RUBO - Also Bypass Methoden im Internet egal was derzeit so gezeigt wird - GANZ Klar Finger von lassen. nichts ist ausgereift, Funktioniert nur halb oder gar nicht. Ebenfalls hast dein Rechner voller Vieren oder anderen dreck! - Als Selbsttester mein Test Laptop innerhalb von 3 Monaten 5 mal neu Installiert Ich würde ein Service nehmen der dir das vie IMEI Service entfernt - DA AUCH VORSICHTIG SEIN!!! Habe da auch schon einige getestet! derzeit zu empfehlen! emergencyunlocks.com -Dort bist mit sicheren 71 Euro ( 75$ - Wechselkurs durch die Kriegsstimmung und Wirtschaftsstimmung in Europa am schwanken ) Zahlung einfach via PayPal und 100% Geld zurück Garantie wenns nicht klappt! Schaue auch im Unterforum - 100 % CONFIRMED nach neuen Möglichkeiten oder IMEI Anbietern
  8. iCloud Bypass with Jailbreak

    seems this just run on 32 bit systems .... i tried with other Java and all, but just get error by starting.. Java Fail , can not start 32 bit version on AMD 64 System Build. but i don´t want downgrade my system.. so for iPhone 4 solutions something new that is running on 64 bit systems? ???
  9. iCloud bypass software

    Cryptos SY is a scammer, i watch all time his tweet on twitter and on youtube... seems slowly like big scam for every video he want take donation by 20-30 bugs - take care about him guys .... waiting for Gadget-Shows, last hope for unlock i got already 4 devices to unlock ( iPhone 5 (lost mode), iPhone 5s(lost mode), iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s and next are already ordered ) Maybe someone has got an GSX Account , so can maybe doing business together. Other way i wait for a perm unlock resolution! i have time
  10. iCloud bypass software

    Hey BenjaminsiPod , Thats Truly great from you, the work u have done! A very big thank you. Soon i will can proof it. Just waiting still for new Devices to bypass rest i sold out.
  11. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    sweet, there is a was for iOS 8.1.3 and them cancel the account that posted the Video ?!?!
  12. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    So just i tried 1 online service : http://www.icloudremover.org At time i can nothing say , just i have now to wait up to 30 days - here the answer i got after pay 18 EUR Product Ordered: iCloud Remover Online IMEI Check Response received from Apple Server regarding your iCloud Remove Verification: iPhone 5C 16GB Pink UK/Europe/Middle East Serial: F78MM5XXXXXX Internal Name: iPhone5,4 Model Number: A1507 Order Number: ME503 Board ID: n49ap FCC ID: BCG-E2694A, BCG-E2694B Network: GSM Activated: Yes Manufacture Date: May, 2014 Production Week: 18 Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 9 Month(s), 9 Day(s) Factory: F7 / China - Foxconn Introduction Date: December 22, 2013 Discontinue Date: N/A AppleCare Protection: No Telephone Technical Support: Expired Repairs & Service Coverage: May 30, 2015 Purchase Country: United Kingdom Purchase Date: May 31, 2014 Sold To: APPLE Carrier: Retail Unlock. Factory Simlock: Unlocked iCloud Unlock Using IMEI: Not Eligible for Online Removal We are sorry, but the icloud account from your device cannot be removed online, Apple server refused to unlock your device. There is one more chance to remove your iCloud Offline, we have sent a request using our Company to Apple from our iStore and we should receive a response in max 30 days, please wait for our confirmation e-mail. We remind you that after your iCloud is removed you will need to pay us the extra fee of $10 after your device is unlocked. Thank You iCloud Remover Team ​I will let u know answer after deadline of 30 days or faster
  13. iCloud Bypass Updated News

    I think, that paypment by Westernunion and other not known Bank's that this is fake, safe payment way should be PayPal ore Debit/Credit-Cart . I think site like this: officialiphoneunlock.co.uk is more save with even better price then fastunlock.bl.ee/Home/ . But i still did't use any payment service... still i ask me how run this service !?