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      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4   04/01/2018

      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4 Download iOS 11.4 Beta1 developers version https://idevicehacks.com/download-ios-11-4-beta1-for-developers/
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      Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management)   04/01/2018

        Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management) still works on ios11.3 its the best MDM remover because its FREE Link: https://myicloud.info/new-ios11-bug-mdm-bypass-mobile-device-management/ #mdm #apple #ios113 #iphone #ipad #ipod #ios11 #bypass #icloud #freetools #ios11bug
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      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done:   04/12/2018

      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done: a video you must watch check the full project and details at : https://myicloud.info/reflash-iphone-chip-project-wl/     #icloud #icloudbypass #unlock #iphone
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      Remove icloud iOS11.3 Activated 100%   04/26/2018

      emove icloud iOS11.3 Activated 100% Full remove icloud with 2 Factor Authentication enabled and adding new phone thrust number. This method doesn't work with all iphones. you can remove icloud or change password with this tutorial. works for ios11.x even ios11.4. using this method you are removing icloud from apple servers using a legit method. more tutorials : https://myicloud.info Thank you for watching!
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      Should i buy icloud locked iphone   05/05/2018

      Buying an iCloud Locked iPhone? Here's Everything You Should Consider Before Doing So. iCloud locked iPhone means the iPhone is still linked to the previous owner's iCloud account. Without his Apple ID and Passcode, you will not be able to activate the iPhone. Worse, he still has control over your iPhone. If you’re looking for a cheap used iPhone, find one in good condition and for a reasonable price, but if the Activation Lock is on, it will not be a good business. An iPhone that has been Activation Locked can only be unlocked with the iCloud credentials of its owner. Read more : https://myicloud.info/buy-icloud-locked-iphone/

iCloud Bypass Updated News

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icloudin method Last Method:

method 1 : via (other xml not to deviceservices - exploit)
method 2 : via (apple cert & key and i can downgrade to any ios)
method 3 : via (change some string by hex on ELF file << some times i got error)
method 4 : via (use apple ssl cert or real ssl in server and change some string in iphone)

iCL0udin v1.0 have this method:

method 1 : via (other xml not to deviceservices - exploit)
method 2 : via (apple cert & key and i can downgrade to any ios)


not released yet and its very very late probably will never release 


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GadgetWide Bypass is Coming? ... or is just another actor to the Circo del Icloud ?

new update 24-12-2014

we all understand already what Varo say no one cares but we will see again and again the same movie hoping this with be different end , today or tomorrow claims release icloud bypass. Varo talks now about IMEI unlock method , and completely legal , probably for lost and erased phones clean emai, stolen devices will probably be out .

We are waiting GadgetWide Bypass release today!!!

gadgetwide -  "Repeat...I will give you guys what I said I would on the 25th Dec 2014"

the release probably will be here 


more info will give at 

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Hardware & Software solution could be the next step 

This new method for all idevices still is giving the fist steps but in theory could also work , and the developer  says that he can bypass All iDevices in Any IOS, It’s Based On Hardware & Software – before restoring  we must remove lcd & digitizer and Software to Inject Files. Also importante this is not a clean remover , its only a bypass , you still can not use carrier signal network but  probably you will be able to jailbreak and use it normally as ipad or ipod. We are waiting for new details and tutorial that must be release any time sooner .


see more idevicehacks.com/hardware-software-solution/



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NEW IP porta 9999 (new)

IP: icloudvn.dyndns.tv Port: 2309

IP : 3128

New2 IP port 1234

Puerto: 8520

Proxy: icloudvn.dyndns.tv
Port: 2309

proxy: sv3.hackicloud.com
puerto: 2015

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here a new info to bypass 

idevicerstore tool to restore iphone ipad without itunes

This is a great tool and could be one future solution for remove icloud from your idevice using this strong platform linux.

If you want try linux potencial in idevices world here is one software you should try restore your iphone ipad, ipod without itunes using idevicerstore, this  idevicerstore is a tools for restore, recover a iphone firmware without itunes this tool workes with lines commandes in terminal download idevicesrestore for linux 

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I think, that paypment by Westernunion and other not known Bank's that this is fake, safe payment way should be PayPal ore Debit/Credit-Cart .

I think site like this: officialiphoneunlock.co.uk is more save with even better price then fastunlock.bl.ee/Home/ .

But i still did't use any payment service... still i ask me how run this service !? 

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So just i tried 1 online service : http://www.icloudremover.org

At time i can nothing say , just i have now to wait up to 30 days  - here the answer i got after pay 18 EUR


Product Ordered: iCloud Remover Online IMEI Check

Response received from Apple Server regarding your iCloud Remove

iPhone 5C
16GB Pink
UK/Europe/Middle East
Serial: F78MM5XXXXXX
Internal Name: iPhone5,4
Model Number: A1507
Order Number: ME503
Board ID: n49ap
FCC ID: BCG-E2694A, BCG-E2694B
Network: GSM
Activated: Yes
Manufacture Date: May, 2014
Production Week: 18
Phone Age: 0 Year(s), 9 Month(s), 9 Day(s)
Factory: F7 / China - Foxconn
Introduction Date: December 22, 2013
Discontinue Date: N/A
AppleCare Protection: No
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs & Service Coverage: May 30, 2015
Purchase Country: United Kingdom
Purchase Date: May 31, 2014
Sold To: APPLE
Carrier: Retail Unlock.
Factory Simlock: Unlocked
iCloud Unlock Using IMEI: Not Eligible for Online Removal

We are sorry, but the icloud account from your device cannot be removed
online, Apple server refused to unlock your device.
There is one more chance to remove your iCloud Offline, we have sent a
request using our Company to Apple from our iStore and we should receive a
response in max 30 days, please wait for our confirmation e-mail. We
remind you that after your iCloud is removed you will need to pay us the
extra fee of $10 after your device is unlocked.

Thank You
iCloud Remover Team


​I will let u know answer after deadline of 30 days or faster

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iTrick icloud bypass activation Tutorial with fiddler

probably  apple is follow this process , and this method is one of the most easy to patch , one  good thing on this , its like play a puzzle. try it step by step . good luck with Trick icloud bypass activation Tutorial with fiddler.

DOWNLOAD txt files DeviceActivation and Itunes activation


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Any one try this new springboard crash iCloud Activation Lock Bypass How To Latest Method crash and sim bug ! iOS 8, 8.1.3, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, iOS 7 & 7.1.2 Compatible. Works on iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad Models & iPod Touch 5G.

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Can u open apps with the SIM Lock glitch i saw this video before but need to put a pin on my sim and ain't got another iPhone with nano sim at hand... Would be great if it would as im sure i could use someones for 2mins :)

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Because of so much scammers in the web , youtube videos with links , Dokuments ore Programms for download.. you newer know what will be if you open a link, Programm or ZIP/RAR-Dokument!

so here is a smart link to a website that detecting Bad thinks from the web : www.virustotal.com

I hope thats help those people that day by day testing all new videos on youtube with the fake links to virus or Download Virus


I installed on my Windows machine 3  times new Windows within 2 month. Here now can Protect before Download ore open a bad link!

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This works on 8.1.3 but I found it slow.... there's a link on the vid for 8.2 I've tested as working but don't use it,

there will never be a true working bypass, removal only at cost for the moment, maybe a hardware solution. I have bypassed the iPad cellulars (3G) losing the cellular and leaving it as wifi only, better than having a useless paper weight, they worked out pretty cheap Xmas presents for the grandkids. Can share you photos under my micro scope of this hardware solution for 3G iPads. Does not work on wifi only.

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