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      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4   04/01/2018

      Apple release fist beta for iOS11.4 Download iOS 11.4 Beta1 developers version https://idevicehacks.com/download-ios-11-4-beta1-for-developers/
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      Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management)   04/01/2018

        Bug MDM bypass (Mobile Device Management) still works on ios11.3 its the best MDM remover because its FREE Link: https://myicloud.info/new-ios11-bug-mdm-bypass-mobile-device-management/ #mdm #apple #ios113 #iphone #ipad #ipod #ios11 #bypass #icloud #freetools #ios11bug
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      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done:   04/12/2018

      Project to Reprogram the iphone NAND Flash from scratch and successfully done: a video you must watch check the full project and details at : https://myicloud.info/reflash-iphone-chip-project-wl/     #icloud #icloudbypass #unlock #iphone
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      Remove icloud iOS11.3 Activated 100%   04/26/2018

      emove icloud iOS11.3 Activated 100% Full remove icloud with 2 Factor Authentication enabled and adding new phone thrust number. This method doesn't work with all iphones. you can remove icloud or change password with this tutorial. works for ios11.x even ios11.4. using this method you are removing icloud from apple servers using a legit method. more tutorials : https://myicloud.info Thank you for watching!
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      Should i buy icloud locked iphone   05/05/2018

      Buying an iCloud Locked iPhone? Here's Everything You Should Consider Before Doing So. iCloud locked iPhone means the iPhone is still linked to the previous owner's iCloud account. Without his Apple ID and Passcode, you will not be able to activate the iPhone. Worse, he still has control over your iPhone. If you’re looking for a cheap used iPhone, find one in good condition and for a reasonable price, but if the Activation Lock is on, it will not be a good business. An iPhone that has been Activation Locked can only be unlocked with the iCloud credentials of its owner. Read more : https://myicloud.info/buy-icloud-locked-iphone/

Icloud bypass Tutorials

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Easy How To Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock & Skip iCloud. Contact Owner For A Permanent Fix On 7.1, 7.0.6, 7.0.5, 7.0.4, 7.0.3, 7.0.2, 7.0.1, 7.0 For iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S & 4! iPad & iPod Touch Support Not Available For Now.

This Is NOT A Permanent Fix! However a step in the right direction to contact the owner & remove the lock.


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Read Me!
Must have "Slide to unlock" style lockscreen at front! Not Hello/Hola/Bonjour/etc.


dw, it's leads to a mediafire link :P

1. Install the programs
2. Download the file and create the following directory - C:/xampp/htdocs/deviceservices/buddy
3. Place the downloaded file in the folder created
4. In Fiddler, at the top press "Tools" and then "Fiddler Options"
5. Make it look like this: http://gyazo.com/f3f0589c6f9c1e46cc63...
6. Edit your hosts file by adding this line: static.ips.apple.com
7. Start Apache in XAMPP and restart Fiddler
8. Open cmd (as admin) and type "ipconfig"
9. Look for the line that looks like this but with a different IP: http://gyazo.com/45965e9eb9ae7b81e52c...
10. On your device, press the home button and tap "More Wifi Settings" after connecting to WiFi
11. Scroll down to "HTTP Proxy" and tap "Manual"
12. Server is the IP address from step 9 and port is 8888
13. Tap "Back" then "Next"
14. Tap "Activation Help"


Not a perfect bypass so expect flaws such as:
No Service Issue
Not sure about Push Notifications
If reboot, redo the whole process (like a tethered jb)
And probably some more. But hey, at least you can use it now, right?!

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Alternative Host method to unlock icloud

If you can not do a home Proxy server with XAPP its not much complicate but here is a simple method and it works as well. Only works with Lost mode devices , black screen, if you want a tip , do not restore the phone if you have a device with a message on the screen because its much easier to unlock . after you restore or even update by itunes you will just convert your device in a “Rock”. Until the unlock iCloud software not being released this proxy host server its the only free solution available.
All u need is an Android Phone that can wifi tether! ( make a wifi spot)

  1. first and foremost install KSWEB (to create a local server android )
  2. grab the files that are used with xampp (you can see here how) and put them in htdocs folder in android ( i used ic-hacks files)
  3. edit hosts file which is located in /etc
  4. tether your wifi and connect your idevice to it WITHOUT any proxy ip
  5. select activation help and unlock button. THATS IT this method is alternative way to xampp but easier as its on android. all detailed info about xampp/hosts you can google. This is just a bypass that disappears after rebooting. and no way to jailbreak. i am just sharing what i know maybe someone will find a better way and share, cause these so-called hackers are helpless. Free method to unlock icloud Alternative Host method to bypass activation

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Today a new bug came to light and is now possible go to springboard without unlock icloud , the dns server method found a new bug using icons, letters ans some moves on screen let you go into your springboar . You can reach SpringBoard on all iOS, 

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To Find iCloud Email you should have a backup file for the related iDevice
On this method you will get the apple id for the locked Device (No Password Given)
After get your related E-mail you can connect with the owner and ask him to remove your device from his iCloud list

iFind well search in the backup files automatically to find list of all emails related in the device.

* Important : You Can Check If You Have Backup For Your Device In iTunes (Preference -> Devices) You Should See Your Device Like This :

You Can Download iFind From Here:


You Can Download iCloud Finder From Here:

To use (Fake iCloud Server) you should have a our php files and (Xampp) or (Wampp) application

On this method you will create a fake iCloud signification server and force iTunes to send the request to your own server by editing the (hosts) file on (windows OS) it will be in (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) and just add

( albert.apple.com)

On this method you will BYBASS iCloud activation This method works just for iPhone4 and iPad

You Can Download My iCloud Server Files From Here:

This method didn't complete yet!

Feel Free To Donate For us

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Certificates :



    1-Download and install XAMPP

    2-Open file explorer and go to C:\xampp (or where you installed XAMPP).

    3-Go to htdocs folder an create a folder called deviceservices.

    4-create a folder called deviceactivation.

    5-Download the file and place it in the deviceservices / => deviceactivation folder.

    6- Go open the file index.php or deviceactivation.php with notepad or bloc-notes and edit the line

    " $config = array('config'=>'C:/openserver/modules/php/PHP-5.5.10/extras/ssl/openssl.cnf'); "

    replace there by " $config = array('config'=>'C:\xampp\apache\conf\openssl.cnf', 'digest_alg' => 'sha1'); "

    7-Go to C:Window/System32/driver/etc and edit the hosts File.

    8-Add albert.apple.com and save it.

    9-Open XAMPP Control Panel and start the Apache Server.

    10-Place your iPhone/iPad in DFU Mode.

    11-Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer with the help of a USB cable and open itune and restore your device.

    12- When the restoration is finished, disconnect your device and go to the iCloud activation screen to reconnect your device ,When you see the "welcome to your new Iphone" message, your iPhone/iPad should               be activated, If it does not work, you can try to download others "deviceservice" and "deviceactivation". this is the XAMPP method .

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New method out icloud bypass with Apple configuration Utility - myicloud.info unlock remove and bypass


Download Apple configuration Utility or Iphone configuration tool from apple website, this tool is used to load the special engineering configuration profile into you iPhone


Apple configuration Utility (mac OS X)


iPhone configuration Utility  (Windows)


see full tutorial 



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Hey Guys, how much should maximum pay for a GSX Account with all options!

Somebody know a trustful seller? Can also Rent account like this ? 

Somebody got some informations? ... will nice to hear from you!

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How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini Retina with 3G

NOTE!! : its just for CELLULAR Versions ONLY !!!!!! Hardware Solution !!
After Bypass you got a running iPad X WiFi only - Cellular Verion will be OFF 



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Free check Blacklist (Lost/Stolen) Mobile by IMEI

You can check your IMEI number is Blacklisted in AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telus…Blacklist IMEI is lost, stolen or ineligible (Barred, Blocked, Financed, Under Contract) mobile phone. Always check blacklist before buy, sell or get phone.Supported:+ USA: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS+ Canada: Telus+ Sweden: Telenor+ Japan: Softbank, AU KDDI

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hello ipad 4 wifi icloud bypass A1458 64 GB İPAD Opening the ?

No!! like is written iCloud Remove from iPad GSM!!!! not WIFI ! but i told you already two times in Private message ;) now after 1 month there is still nothing change  because a GSM iPad Version is not WiFi iPad Version :) 

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here : IPHONE 4 ONLY




because still many people ask for unlock iphone 4 i add link here in the forum this is working iphone 4 unlock icloud , also there is software call hactivator to remove icloud full tutorial and software links here on myicloud.info 

carrier do not work in all iphone 4 version also there is some reports installing SAM from cydia after unlock will give you signal  





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